Sunday, February 7, 2016

Gde otm - January


It's the January Glamour Doll Eyes Of the Month!

Theme: Aladdin (a favorite in our house right now, watched about once a week, requested several times).

Cost: $18 USD to make it to the great white north.

What is it really? Each month an exclusive shadow and other goodies such as a guest indie sample ro candy may be included. 125 subscriptions are available (you can join the waitlist in the facebook group), and 15 will be listed on the website at noon, PST, on the 10th of the month. 

Here is the full January kit (minus a candy).

I've been collecting these as long as I've been signed up for the OTM. Be sure to read them to gain insight on what's happening at Glamour Doll Eyes. 

The goods! A mine sample, a full size and two sample baggies plus a full size lipstick! 

These two shadows are cult favorites in the GDE group, so I'm surprised/not surprised to seem them made into remix. One image blurry for sparkle. Tattooed on the left, Undercover on the right.

And the start of the month: Not a Prize and Desert Prince. Oh, my kingdom for a Dessert Prince!

Gosh, so as usual I'll finish with the internal dilemna of the cost increase due to shipping increases and my own personal cost increase due to exchange rates of if I should keep this subscription or not. I have almost the entire collection of GDE, so I don't need eyeshadow... but... it's the OTM. OTM is life, right? 

Friday, February 5, 2016

Hello Waffle Visage Subscription January

Hello Waffle is a Canadian company that offers a monthly subscription package called the Visage. It included a full face look, and is a great way to get familar with Hello Waffle products. The subscription is currently offered by waitlist, and for myself, I'm charge $30 USD. Price varies by location as shipping from Eastern Canada (as Western or Atlantic Canada) is costly. But worth it! It's again one of those odd things that sometimes shipping into the United States can be less expensive than shipping a couple provinces over. 

I believe it was the person credited with creating Cinderella's birthday in January. Hence the princess theme. I'm always okay with princess themes. 

I love the story that is included and I try to make my kidlets listen. The lack of illustrations does test their patience. 

As usual communication from Christine, the owner, creator and head Girl Boss at Hello Waffle was awesome. Her facebook group had a head's up boxes were going to be delayed and to make up for it she included a random product (I think they were all lip products?) from the newest releases in January.  

I got SOUTH. It looks so lovely. The visage this month included the beautiful rose lip shade. I'm suffering a cold so I wait until I feel better to try these out.  

All the goodies together.

Every month is great! This month was the five eye products, a mini-blush, the sample of the upcoming glitter adhesive and the two lip products. Glass slippers is by far my favorite.


Here is the uponaworld cosmetics guest indie over UDPP and the new Hello Waffle excitation.

I'm really indecisive if I should terminate, end, stop, sadly ask to cancel my subscription. I'm currently being charged $30 USD which will go up to $35.50 USD at some point. This is over $43 Canadian, or over $500 a year. I don't know. I am having the same fight with my Glamour Doll Eyes subscription as price has increased as well. I know I can't have both. I also am learning it takes me awhile to go through a mini blush/contour/lip product and goodness knows I have enough eye shadow to last until my grandchildren graduate high school. I feel like I would be able to purchase more new releases if I dropped out of visage. But, I also recall waking up early and fighting for 3 spots only to time out when completing payment.

What would you do? Are you in love with your Visage too? 

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Topbox January

This month was such a let down I almost emailed topbox to cancel or request anything that doesn't suck as much as this box. Topbox is Canadian (yay!) and for $12 per month plus taxes 4 samples are delivered to your door. 

This month I received duplicates of the last two years. Ugh. Duplicates I don't like. 
SeaRx lotion that cannot be used by breastfeeding mom. So this was gifted. 
la Roche-Posy Sustiane serum. I still can not tell what part of the body this is supposed to be used for - hair? face? skin? All the above? $59 for full size, $5 for this sample. Gah, I much rather have a latte. 
Cuccio nail lacquer in baby puke brown. $4.21. I'm never going to use this, and I feel awful it was sent to me to be wasted. 
Teeez Trend Cosmetics Read My Lips Lipstick. This I thought would be awesome! And the packaging is nice. Then you put it on and try to suffer the overwhelmingly strong crayon smell. I'm not keen on this formula at all. $28.94. 

It is really nice they include the information sheet. So that's a plus. I opted for the environmentally friendly bag this month, so I don't even have the tube to repurpose. 

So disappointing. I hope next month is better. 

I paid $13ish with taxes, and this box was valued around $35. But most of that is the awful smelling lipstick. 

I would go back in time and not buy this month if that was an option. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Good bye to diapers #byebyediapers

Let's talk pee. And poop. And all things diaper. 

One in diapers, one almost out! This big kid has been ready to move onto the fully using the potty, and more excitingly, sleeping through the night with no wet spots.

Influenster was awesome, and sent me a pack to test out. Sign up on and maybe you can test your own!

We received a very generous pack! I like to look for deals on these and I think they are usually about $0.40 per diaper but can get as low as $0.22-$0.24 on the really good sales. Shoppers, safeway and sometime Costco has these deals.

My daughter loves the designs but didn't really catch on to the idea that if she urinates the flower, heart or butterfly goes away. I love how well the absorb at night, and if she goes a little she can get up by herself, finish on the potty, pull them back up and go back to sleep until morning. It's a great way to help her be a big kid. We also love to use them during naps at they are just like "real panties".

My turn next!

Thanks, Influenster! 

Monday, November 9, 2015

Innocent and Twisted Alchemy Subscription - July 2015

A tea party! And made with love <3

Ah, shabby-chic. That's a thing now, I guess. Purdy.

July was a special month with 4 guest indies! A lip tint from Kiss My Sass, Lip sample from Kae Q, and eye shadow samples from Chirp Cosmetics and Wonderland Beauty. Two of those had been on my must-try list for some time. I think I&T is always delivering a great value.

A side view . I love how nice these look together.

And.. on my face:

Friday, November 6, 2015

My first Hello Waffle Visage - August 2015

Hello Waffle is a Canadian cosmetics company that offers a well-sought out monthly subscription. A tiered pricing plan was just put into place to include shipping costs. At the time this was purchased, I paid $25 US (including shipping). Based on my geographical region, I would now be paying $36.50 US (including shipping) per month. 

I love that kitty tape! I've actually peeled it off and used it to tape up photos in my daughter's room.

Oh, Hello Waffle. 

Opening the box.

I love the thought and design in the themed cards.

Two guests this month - Corvus Cosmetics and Darling Clandestine.

The goods!

Detailed insert including a lovely story based on the month's theme, a suggested look and product details. 

Look at how pretty that is!

Two eyeshadows, one mini-blush, one lip product and one full size perfume.

So pretty!

Immortal soul, blush, corvus, eye shadow.

Check out that sparkle!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Even when I want to forget, they try to get me...

Just to follow up my last post with another challenge.

Be strong! Ignore it!

And for good measure, try not to be this:

Thanks to Sarah's Scribbles.